Friday, February 20, 2009

To the other Heather

Dear "Joe's" Heather,

I looked at the calendar this morning and realized it was your birthday. (Okay, I knew it was your birthday for a long time, but today is finally the day!) But what makes this birthday so much more special than any other birthday, is that today is your 30th Birthday! So how does it feel to be 30? I'm mean, since I have a couple years to wait, I'd like to know what to except?! I suppose we could ask Tanya; she's blazing a trail for us :) *We love you Tanya*. Yes, I realize I will turn 30 after YOU, so I will tread lightly, and not do anything embarrassing. You know like post pictures or bring up embarrassing stories! (Yes, I know this is embarrassing enough). So I decided to write you a birthday letter. Since you are turning 30 today! So here goes...
Heather, you are now 30 years old! Happy Birthday! I remember the time we first met; back in Sept 99 at WI Dells. I remember you coming up to my house for some ice skating g2g. I remember going up 'north' to your parents house for the '2000' New Year (THAT was a fun and crazy weekend!). I remember seeing you and 'Joey' for the first time at Jen's g2g in March. Then I remember going to your wedding in Oct 00. * I recall seeing a tall, handsome cowboy there* I remember being invited up to the g2g you and Joe had up north on the lake (another crazy and fun weekend; it seems to be a pattern!) I remember officially meeting that tall, handsome cowboy (who claims to be Joe's brother). I remember falling madly in love! I remember coming up to see that handsome cowboy, and it quickly blurs into a wedding, 4 kids, and today! But what I remember through all this, is the friendship we've shared. It means so much to have you as a friend, and it means even more to have you as a sister-in-law now. (and you too Tanya!)

I feel that in some ways I owe you (and Joe) so much for 'introducing' me to my husband. I know so much more was involved in that, than me just knowing you. But I am so thankful everything worked out the way it did. It's funny to think your Dad was right that 1st weekend I met him. "Heather Marie's- now just make sure you don't marry brothers!" I never would have guessed it way back then! Life has been confusing, fun and crazy being the 'same' person. But I can't think of anyone else I'd rather share my name with! I hope your birthday is as special as you are to me! (And don't worry...we don't have any wild and crazy 30th party planned...or maybe we do?! You know what happens when Tanya & me get together :-) So whether today is just another day, or you get to celebrate.. remember we all love you and wish you the best as you venture into that 30 category!

The 'other' Heather


  1. Oh Heather, thanks so much for the nice letter and the wonderful memories brought to mind again! We have shared a lot of fun times, that's for sure =) I'm so very glad to have met you way back then and that we're such good friends & sister in laws...added bonus we live so close =) I appreciate you & your thoughtfulness! Hugs, the "other" Heather
    P.S. 30's not so bad so far ;-)

  2. What a beautiful's obvious you share more than a name, but a special bond.

  3. What a nice post! I don't have any sisters but I sure love all my sisters-in-law a lot. I've got lots and hoping for 1 more :)