Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day...

To me Mothers Day is more than just one special day, set aside for Mom's.  We don't get carried away on Mother's Day.  I'm not treated like a queen, nor do I get the day off.  I'll be lucky if my kids their Father even remembers Mother's Day! :)   In all reality, it's just another Sunday.  I won't lie.  Flowers, chocolate, special treatment, dinner out would be great.  But to me, that isn't what Mothers day is about.  Mothers Day is about every day!  Each little moment.  Or big moment.

It's getting fresh picked flowers in the morning.  Or afternoon.  Or evening.  And being delivered by the cutest kids.

It's about watching moments like this.  Feeling your heart swell up with happiness, proudness.  A smile spread across your face.  These are your children.

It's about spending time out on the porch swing.  Answering a million and one questions about... anything and everything.  It's looking into those faces and just melting into a sweet puddle of gooey sweetness.

It's about him.  Because without him, I wouldn't be a mother to these four chilren.  (and I'd likely have lost my mind a long time ago without his love, support, patiences and so on..)  It's about watching my family, being together ... and realizing how happy, fortnate and blessed I really am.

It's about them taking a love and interest in things that I love and value so much.  It's realizing they do watch and listen much more closely than I realize.

It's all about cuteness.  And having children look like you.  And their Daddy.  All at the same time.

It's about being Super Man Mom.  It's also realizing you don't have to be SUPER MOM, to be a good Mom.  And realizing that being perfect has nothing to do with being a GOOD Mom.
It's about good days and bad days.
It's all about them.
Happy Mothers Day!


  1. took the words right out of my heart!! Thank you!! Have a good day!!

  2. Heather, It was so good to hear from you. What a perfect post. I feel the same way. Anything my children make or give me is the BEST. Have a Happy Mothers Day. You deserve it!!!

    I love the photos of your beautiful children, Thank You for sharing your heart. I have missed you. Love and Blessings,

  3. awesome post. i wish i would have done it :)

  4. This post said it ALLLLL so well!! You rock as a mom..i can just tell!! You said it so well, i won't even try..I agree with you 100% ( and, umm...i think our husbands might be related? or probably think the same a bit....)
    The pictures were poetic and perfect...loved this post..did i say that yet?

  5. @ Mindy...i agree with you too!! ha!!

  6. adorable pics and great post:0)

  7. Heather- I don't follow your blog- I gave up adding new blogs awhile ago because of time restrictions- but every now and then I do find my way over here- like today to this post. You do a fantastic job here! And I do hope that sometime I can get to know you all better! :)
    Happy Mother's Day- a little late!