Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long, Wonderful, Wave-filled Weekend

Thank goodness I've gotten used to spur-of-the-moment plans.  Within an hour, me and the kids were packed up, loaded in the van and ready to go with Daddy.  (He was asked to judge a Talent Show in Panama City, FL over the wk end).  It was the first time the kids and I have ever seen the ocean.  To say we had a blast is a huge understatment.  Within minutes of leaving, the kids were asking to go back again.  And I'm sure we will.  It's only about 8 hours to get to the beach from down here.  (I say only 8 hours because from TN back home is 15ish hours..)
I snapped oodles of pictures (that I'll share when I have more time).  We're not likely to forget this experience, but we'll have plenty of pictures to refresh our memory if we doWe spent the night right on the beach... just open our patio door and the beach was within steps.  For some odd reason, Mom is exhausted tonight.  But just say the word, and I could be ready to go back to the beach with 4 kids in under an hour! :) 

I'll share my favorite pics from the entire trip. I have a couple shots of this pose, all simliar.  Once I figure out which shot is my favoritest favorite, it'll be hanging on our wall.  (They sat like this for awhile, just letting the waves roll up on them).  {sigh...happy, long, wave filled weekend}


  1. Sounds like fun!! I have been to the Atlantic and Pacific both!! It is a fun and exciting experience!

  2. I agree...awesome shot for the wall!

  3. Love the pic of all for kids sitting on the sand, looking out into the water.