Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tough Love vs. Spanking

** I got this in an email. I couldn't resist sharing. Here's to all the Mom's out there that have been at their wit's end with their kids... an NO! I have NOT done this.. yet! j/k! :)**
Most of the American populace thinks it improper to spank children, so I have tried other methods to control my kids when they have one of 'those moments.'

One that I found effective is for me to just take the child for a car ride and talk.

Some say it's the vibration from the car, others say it's the time away from any distractions such as TV, Video Games, Computer, IPod, etc.

Either way, my kids usually calm down and stop misbehaving after our car ride together. Eye to eye contact helps a lot too.

I've included a photo below of one of my sessions with my son, in case you would like to use the technique.

Your Friend

This works with grandchildren,
nieces, and nephews as well.


  1. hahahahaahaaaaa!! i was wondering just how you're supposed to use eye contact while in the car... makes sense now!! thanks for the laugh!:)
    ps- regarding your previous post: you hit the nail on the head. me, i've got no problem admitting that i've had it up to -here-, or saying i need a break, but when it comes down to it, i can't take one without feeling really guilty. and i can never force myself to ask for help (and have a tough time accepting it when it's presented to me). it's a mommy-thing... and i think you do wonderful with your little sweeties. someday, we should swallow the guilt and have a mommy-break... :)

  2. haha!! I've seen this before, it's great

  3. Oh this was fun to see today! I have to say I haven't gone this far yet. :)
    Thanks for the laugh.

  4. I have seen that before and it is hilarious! Love it.

  5. Yeah..we could probably make them see eye to eye very quickly that way...too funny!