Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All in a (half) day's work.

  • between last night and today, I spent over 3 long, hot, sweaty hours, yes, t-h-r-e-e hours cutting our grass (with a push mower) He says its about alittle over an acre. I say it's much closer to 2 acres, if not over since it took forever. i need the exercise, i need the exercise, i need the exercise.. i got the exercise, i got the exercise, i got the exercise! :o)
  • the swimming pool is half - full of water and the rest is grass. while i had the hose filling it up, the kids were happy to swim in the cold-numbing water for over an hour. Until I had to drag them in for lunch and down for naps.
  • by tomorrow night the 'surprise' for the kids should be here. (so, so excited to see their reaction)
  • I've done countless loads of laundry already.
  • cleaned and mopped the kitchen/dining room.
  • picked up (and I know it won't last past tonight nap time) and vacuumed the living room.
  • cleaned both bathrooms.
  • switched the beds in the kids room. moved the full size into the other.. and the (2) twin beds into the other room.
  • vacuumed the kids rooms (thought about picking them up.. but the idea passed as quickly as it came).
  • started an ever-growing list of things to get in town tomorrow.

And we're not done yet...

  • we need to find something for a quick and easy (early) supper.
  • get the kids and mom in the shower.
  • be dressed, ready to go as soon we're done eating.
  • there's that load of laundry sitting in the dryer... yet..but it ain't going nowhere.

Tomorrow will be another busy, full day. But we are so, so, so excited for the kids to see their surprise tomorrow... I don't mind the busyness!! And yet I some how managed to find the time to post this...hmm!


  1. I need a wore me out! :)
    Honestly...I like to keep busy so if it has to be house cleaning and laundry that keeps me busy then so be it

  2. I am sooo curiuos as to what the surprise is!! I'll be checking back in. And yep, I'm worn out just reading the list of things you've already posted!

  3. Don't you just LOVE surprises! Enjoy!

  4. I'm SO excited too! :) Enjoy, sounds like all your hard work will be worth it!

  5. I think a horse would be a splendid surprise for your kids :)

  6. Have your camera ready! I would love to see their reactions =) They will have so much fun together!!!