Sunday, April 11, 2010


As I type this post, I can hear the sound of 3 happy kids playing outside together. (John is happily playing with... Thomas the Train.) They've been playing horse outside for at least an hour. Each of them has a string (from their lace up cards {ahem.. those aren't suppose to be outside}). Naturally, those are the reins. Then they gallop as fast as their little legs will carry them. Back and forth in the yard. To and from the barn. Up and down the driveway. They'll sleep good tonight!
All 3 are wearing their {shudder} Sunday morning clothes. Carolyn had curlers in her hair last night: her hair is was neatly twisted up with a pile of curls on top for this morning. {no pic} I love watching them run in their long dresses, being chased by an adorable cowboy in his boots and hat in the warm (mid-upper 70s) sunshine. I'll deal with the laundry later.

We have 2 smaller lilac bushes in our yard. They were just starting to bloom when we arrived. The smell of fresh cut lilacs is filling the house. Trees are budding and leafing out. The green grass almost needs cut again. We have an assortment of fresh picked flowers (and weeds) on our kitchen table every day. Compliments of Lil Benji. And one stick (compliments of John).

Earlier this week I was working on a post, that published before I was finished. I deleted the post, but a few of you have seen it, but then couldn't find it. I have decided to not re-publish it. I'll just say this: I've been in a blogging funk with this blog, because I've learned the hard way about being open, honest and sharing the events taking place in our life. I realize everyone is different and is entitled to make (different) choices in the best interest for them/their family. But I wasn't prepared for the feedback, comments, opinions and so on. I haven't decided whether or not I'll quit this blog and just keep our family one. Or continue with this one, just not sharing specifics or anything personal. (Which in my opinion defeats the whole purpose of this blog for me.)

To end on a positive note.. we had a great weekend. Supper around the campfire with friends. Enjoyed the warm sunshine. Played at the park. Ate pizza on the deck. Had a wonderful Sunday. This week is looking good. Sunshine and 80*. Little Miss Katie bug turns four next Sunday. And there may even be a surprise in store for her (and the other 3) we'll see how things turn out. Watch the kids blog for pictures from this past week.
** And the 3 horses kids are still playing outside together. Nicely.


  1. I try not to give my honest opinion unless someone wants it.
    That's why I'm never completely, openly honest on my blog...because I'm afraid someone might comment something that would leave my feeling hurt, or bad that I mentioned whatever. which is too bad. maybe make your mom blog private?
    enjoy the lilacs for us...ours are just starting to bud
    sometimes the grass stained dress clothes aren't a big deal when you see how wonderfully the kids are playing together :)

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Hope to see you soon again...and also your kids blog won't open on my says it is no longer in existance(sp?)

  3. What a perfect sounding day! We had beautiful weather here yesterday, but we were inside at our was beautiful there too. ;-)

    I can't say that I saw the post you are referring too. Sorry you feel like you can't be open for fear perhaps of being judged. That is something that has been laid so strongly on my heart to not assume I understand everyone and there life...because I don't. Just like no one understand my life...except One. I like Neisha's idea of maybe going private and then you and blog and write to your hearts content. Don't know if any of this makes sense, but never feel bad for being yourself, my dear. We all are on our own journey, and if we have the One in control that matters...that is all that matters. Does that all make sense? Love ya!

  4. I think honesty is refreshing. Sometimes you have to do what you feel is best...take others' comments into consideration but ultimately it's up to you to make the final decision. This blog was made for one else, and you clearly state that at the top. If anyone has a problem with what YOU have to say, they should just keep to themselves.

  5. I just read Darcie's comment and I have to say I agree completely. To add to her thought, I've found that if people are judgemental it's probably because they haven't had experiences that help them be understanding. I know in the past I've thought this or that about how someone does things, but then I'll have an experience that opens my eyes and gives me a little more compassion and understanding of others...and even if I don't agree or really understand, at least I'm (hopefully!) not so quick to judge.
    Keep blogging. I haven't seen anything on your blogs that is offensive in any way. I've gotten to know YOU a little better though.

  6. i agree with what they said's your blog...if it makes you feel better to be open and honest, then that's your privilege...and if people have an issue with something going on in your life(or whatever else...) it's none of their business to be commenting on it negatively(and honestly, if it bothers them that much they can stop reading your's really that simple.);0) wouldn't it be a wonderful world if everyone could just lay aside personal judgements and accept that everyone is different and will make decisions accordingly?;0) keep on blogging...;0)

  7. I'm a little late on the band wagon here but...keep blogging sister! I agree with the other commenters. This is your blog, and you can write what you want. I've enjoyed getting to know you a little and watching the kids grow and change over the last while. Much love and encouragement to you!

  8. awww, honey, I'm sorry someone(s) has made comments that have not been thought out. I didn't read your prior post, but I agree w/Jenny's comment and have often told my own kids that same thing. You are a wonderfully warm and beautiful mommy/wife/sister/daughter and most of all, niece, and doing a wonderful job of raising your children. How you do that is determined by the experiences you alone are facing! Whether you have 4 in 4 years, or 4 in 13 years, you do what is best for your family. I love your honesty ~ don't ever be afraid of sharing! Putting words down often helps put things in perspective. XO (me)