Monday, August 24, 2009

Ever feel like this?

After having that bug for 8 days straight. Yes 8 days. This is how I feel. Oh, but it feels good to feel good again!! But I'm just WIPED OUT. I feel that IF I could sleep for a WHOLE day, I'd be ready to roll. But, with 4 little kids and 1 husband who drives truck.. that ain't happening.

So little by little I am able to rest. And little by little I am getting better. And little by little the house is returning to normal. The laundry piles (which I managed to wash AND dry) are slowly getting folded and put away. My family can expect a decent meal for lunch AND supper. My garden can brace itself for a whirl wind to come charging thru: weed and pick all my veggies (if they're not over-ripe already!) Oh, and.. the yard.. which has been neglected for.. {cough, cough} 3 weeks will get baled into hay mowed.

Between me being sick ALL last week. The week before we had 2 sick. The week before that we had 1 sick. Not too much has gotten done around here. Other than the bare minimum, if we were even that lucky. My goal WAS to start home school the beginning of Sept. But that ain't happening. Lucky for me, this year isn't 'official' (according to state laws). Although I still want to treat it as it is, after all.. it is Kindergarten. And Benji thinks the world of it, and I'm not about to let him down. Oh! I have SO much to do!! But we'll take it one shopping trip at a time. er.. one day at a time!

John (my baby) turns 2 in Sept. and 3 days later our nephew also turns 2. (I'm thinking a joint bday party might be in the works!) Then one week later our niece turns 3! And don't forget Grandparents Day is in there. We'd be lost without BOTH sets of our Grandparents! Plus we have some SPECIAL plans coming up in Sept. We always look forward to them EVERY year. With 4 kids and a camper it takes some extra planning and preparing, but it's oh-so-worth-every-second!

Maybe these next busy weeks are just what I needed. Although I'll be busy, busy. I need this time to re-focus on what is most important to me. Our faith. Our family. So while I just have John this morning, (THANK YOU Boppa and Gma for keeping the other 3 last night) I should get going on my dill pickles, then tackle the rest of my to-do list before the other munckins get home.


  1. LOL - the picture is cracking me up. Sometimes it just takes so much energy but glad that you're finding the rays of sunshine between all the stuff.

  2. That is the cutest picture I have seen today!!!
    Super Cute!!
    I'm glad you are finding your way to your pile of stuff! When you find a little bit of time I invite you to stop by my blog and join the fun! I blog about my name I would love to know about your name!

    Have a ♥Lovely♥ Day Beautiful!

  3. The life of a stay at home mom is never dull is it? SO glad you are all on the mend! Don't work to hard...don't want a relapse. ;o)

    Our special days are this week...SO every much needed.

  4. Heather, When I was sick that's how I was feeling too. How are you today? Thanks for sharing. Blessings,

  5. What a great picture! I sure got my laugh in! so sorry to hear you have been sick for so long. I am right there with ya but trying to get on the mend. A huge pat on your back for all that you are doing!

  6. Glad you are better! The picture is hilarious!