Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home school

This fall, these 2 munchkins will be starting school. Benji: Kindergarten. Carolyn: Pre-school. But they will be taught at home, versus going to public school.
I had this big long post typed up, defending our choice to home school and so on. Then I deleted it. Where you decided to have your kids taught is up to YOU. People will always have their opinions on things. And when they are strongly set, you can rarely make them at LEAST see where you are trying to come from. We, meaning my husband and myself are 100% settled on this TOGETHER. And that's all the opinions that matter to us. I do realize people may/will talk about this, and perhaps judge us or our children. But we feel this is the best choice for our children for the time being. (Who knows what the future will hold) We believe we can make this work for them. We both know kids taught at home and in public schools that have both thrived and failed. So while we realize this may not be the choice for you and your family, it is the one for us.
So that being said. There are a few of us that are beginning to home school this fall. We thought it would be great to have a spot where we could share: ideas, resources, advice, thoughts, support, etc. Some of us are just beginners, some have being doing this for years. Out of respect for everyone involved, it has been asked that the blog remain private. If you are interested in participating, or viewing the blog (not just because your are 'nosy' about homeschooling :D ) please send me your email me at country_rhythm (at) yahoo (dot) com


  1. We chose to home school our children just shortly after our first was born. It is what God wanted us to do. No one home schooled. No one even thought it was legal. Now my first is 18 and I have 6 I am teaching. I had to fight and defend for many years. We even faced years of legal battles that destroyed us financially and put great emotional stress on all of us. Am I sorry? No! Every day and every year we receive more blessings and each day and each year the Lord reconfirms that this is where he would have us and our children to be.

    I will pray for you as you begin this amazing journey and would love to be of any help I can as you get started.

    Happy Day!


  2. I've been meaning to tell you. even though I don't do home schooling, I give credit to every mom who does! :) Good luck!!