Monday, September 14, 2009

John's Story

Dear Tubby (aka John Henry):

Today you are turning 2! Because you take after Daddy's side, (you're big and tall), you've looked and even acted like a 2 yr old for quite some time. But today, reality sets in. Because now you REALLY are 2! Although you'll forever be MY baby, today I must accept the fact that you are no longer A baby.

Out of all 4 pregnancies, we managed to COMPLETELY surprise everyone with yours. I even fooled Aunt Tanya who took me to my 1st ultrasound appt. to confirm the pregnancy (okay,I lied to Aunt Tanya... ). Gma Linda screamed and jumped around when the ultrasound picture fell out of her bday card. Gpa Ray was hoping you'd be his b-day present, Sept 12. Your due date was Sept 11.

Like all of my pregnancies, yours was uneventful and pleasant. I escaped the dreaded morning sickness with ALL 4 pregnancies. I LOVED being pregnant. LOVED it! Of course your due date came and went. Mommy became impatient, since big sister Katie was induced after 1 week overdue. I saw the Doctor, Thurs (Sept 13). He did some more 'tricks'.. AGAIN, trying to get things going (I was already 3 cm).

At 10:00pm that night I felt a contraction. 5 minutes later another, 5 minutes later another, 5 minutes later another.... We dropped the 3 kids off at Boppa & Gma's. Stopped to get gas (I thought about getting gas on my way back from my appt, but didn't!) We got to the hospital about 12:00 am. I was 7 cm upon arrival. Within 30 minutes I was re-thinking my all-natural plan (but Daddy and the nurses helped me stick with it). We were asked if it was okay for a 'student' doctor to assist/observe the delivery. A 'real' doctor' would be there at all times. ahem! Your head and shoulders were out when the REAL Dr walked in. At 2:22 am, Friday Sept 14, 2007 you were born. Just a little bit of hair on your BIG head, crying for all it was worth. The nurses thought you looked bigger than you were, but the scale doesn't lie. You were 8# 13oz, 21" long. There is no way for me to put into words what I (and Daddy) felt seeing you, and holding you for the first time. Even though you were the last, the feelings were just as strong as with our first. You were perfect in every way.

As always, coming up with names is a chore for Mommy and Daddy. We both have names we each liked, but not too many that we BOTH liked. John was the ONLY boy name we could agree on. Then came the middle name. Daddy liked the name Henry (He wanted it for a 1st name.. only so he could nickname you Hank. Mommy didn't like that idea), we thought about Benjamin - (for the obvious reason that it's Daddy's AND big brother's name) and actually at the hospital that's what we put down on all the papers: John Benjamin. But once we started filling out the birth certificate, it just seemed right: John Henry. (We later realized that your (6th) great gpa was John Henry.) But we realized just how perfect your name was when we moved to IA and met someone with the same name. Someone who became so dear and precious to our family during our time there.

It didn't take long for you to grow. We soon realized you would take after Daddy- big and tall. We also realized that the 'almost' 4 years between you and your big brother was nothing. Benji fell in love with you the moment he saw you. He protected you as if you were his own. Always has, and we hope he always will. The girls were Mommy's helpers. Eager to help do any motherly thing they could. And thankfully you tolerated all their 'TLC' quite well.

Because you are the last, it's so hard to watch you grow. I want so badly to stop time, to savor these days. Yet as much as I you to stay little, you so badly want to grow up. And while it's hard to watch the baby days get further and further away, I know the days that lie ahead are going to be just as fun, rewarding and memorable.
You keep me on my toes. There's no denying you are 100% boy (and your Daddy's son). Fear is not in your vocabulary. You love adventure and never give up. Some days when I've had all I think I can handle you do ONE more thing. But one look into those baby blue eyes... and that little smile of yours and that hearty laugh you have... and I forget all the trouble you just caused.
Happy 2nd Birthday Tubby!

I Love You!



  1. ohhhh....time has gone by:) For the first year of your little life I will say was bitter sweet for us as had to leave Wyatt behind when he was 1 month old. Being you are only 3 days apart! Each time we held you we thought of our little boy...gone... but we did LOVE you:)And now that Wyatt is your cousin do not know what it would be like not to have the BOTH of you! Love you lots and you will always have a 'special'place in our hearts because you helped us heal from broken hearts every time we held you!... Sorry to be sappy! Well... maybe not:)

  2. Dear Aunt Tanya,
    I was too little to realize what was going on. But my Mom says it was a bittersweet time for her as well. She had me, and you were fighting for dear little Wyatt. She says she'll never forget the very first sunday morning. She says you'll know what that means. I'm excited Wyatt is so close in age to me. I hope that means we'll be good buddies. Especially now that I'm not scared of him anymore :) oh.. and mom says it's okay to be sappy today. :)

    Love, Tubby!

  3. happy birthday, john! wow...2 years has gone so fast...hope you have a great birthday!:0)

  4. You have expressed what every mother feels at the birth/growth of her last baby and you did it wonderfully. Everytime I see a new baby and gripped with strong feelings of wanting another, but three is it for us. And so, at age 5, Clayton is OUR baby but as you said, not A baby.
    Happy Birthday John!

  5. What a GREAT post to write, and something that can be passed on...when memories start to will always remember because of this. Wonderful!!!

  6. I found your blog since you commented on mine, I have seen you at Menomonie before, but we never spoke, I am supper shy in person. Your kids are so cute, but I don't need to tell you that! They grow up so fast, don't they. What part of IA do you live in now?

  7. Sweet post! Happy Birthday little John! Lia is our last also so I've had a harder time watching her grow. It's a good thing, we wouldn't want it any other way, but it sure is hard on a Mom's heart!

    bty - a previous post of yours was the inspiration for my latest post ;)

  8. Loved reading John's story. What a great keepsake for your baby. My kids love me to tell them the story of their births. I am not much of a writer so that is the best they will get.