Friday, September 4, 2009

Then and Now

I've been digging thru 'old' pictures for a post I'm working on for John's upcoming birthday. And came across this one. This was taken 2 years ago this month. 5 days before John was born. It happens to be one of my favorite pictures of the 3 kids.
*Benji was 2 mos shy of turning 4, Carolyn was 2-3/4 yrs, Katie was 17 mos.*
*Benji is 2 mos shy of turning 6, Carolyn is 4-3/4 yrs, Katie is nearly 3-1/2 and John is just about 2 yrs old*
Time is flying and our kids have grown. All too fast for my liking. But time can't be stopped or even paused for a second. So I'll enjoy each moment while it lasts.


  1. That picture is absolutely adorable!

  2. Darling pictures of your kiddos. We were two boys and two girls growing up, too... boy, girl, boy, girl, exactly two years apart, so these remind me of the few stair step pictures mom has of us.

  3. Hello Heather,

    I love to check in on your blog and your kids are so adorable. Yes! We do know Dale and Jennifer very well. We get to see them every Wed night and sometimes more often than that. That is neat to find that connection with you! Small world!

    Hope your having a great week. Alison

  4. Wow! nice then and now pictures!
    Your kiddos are so ADORABLE!
    You have a Beautiful Family!