Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whose ready for Octobrr?

We are! (Or at least John and Benji are..Katie is afraid...Carolyn's not real sure!) Fall is my favorite season. I love the sunny, windy, cool days. Just perfect for sweatshirts. Sitting around the campfire. Halloween. Pumpkins. Apples. The 1st smell of the wood stove. Walking thru the woods full of colorful leaves. Thanksgiving.
But when I married my husband I quickly learned that fall is also known as HUNTING SEASON. There's bow season. t-Zone. more bow. the ever famous 9 day gun hunt. muzzle loader season. a late t-zone hunt. more bow hunting. (Don't quote me on that order, but it's got to be pretty close to that.) I should be thankful my husband doesn't hunt EVERY single, available day in the WI hunting season. And I am thankful he brings home LOTS of fresh venison to keep our family feed. But that 9-day gun hunt... don't get me started. Life as we know it all but stops during that time. At least for the hunters around here. (meaning EVERYONE but me and my SIL!) We've learned NOT to expect them home for supper at a decent time. We've learned we likely will only see them when they wake us up crawling into bed late at night. Or when that alarm rings all too early in the morning hours. (OR when they bring home that trophy buck for us to admire.)

We've learned to throw our own 'hunting party'. Besides the fact we have too many kids in tow. So during that 9-day hunt.. you'll find us holed up at one of our houses. You'll likely hear the kids laughing, playing, running outta control... you'll probably hear us exchanging deer-hunter-widow tales. We'll have plenty of snacks, junk food, sugar and fun. So while we may not be hunters... we celebrate hunting.. deer hunter widow style!


  1. That is so neat that you and your SIL get together during that time...sounds like a fun time for you widows and kiddos!

    Love the OctoBRRRR!!! Cute.

  2. amen sister! I'm totally with you on the hunting thing. Justin's the same way. I'm going to make a special post on my blog just for you. check it out :)

  3. Yes, that time of year is RAPIDLY approaching...well, actually it's here for Joe already, he's been bow hunting a few times. Good thing we live close enough so we can get together and the kids can have a fun week!

  4. OH the woes of being a hunter's wife. :)
    I am so glad that you have someone close to at lease keep you company. I love fall too, and have come to slowly accept the hunting season.
    Thanks for the fun post. Wish I was close enough to come over when my hubby hunts.