Friday, September 11, 2009

One week under our belt

~ First day of school 2009 ~
  • We had our 'official' start to home school this week. We've done some 'school' through out the summer months. But to the kids it was the '1st day of school'. Excited doesn't begin to describe how they felt about starting school. (I'm sure that will all change as time goes on...unless I get lucky!)

  • I've had it all figured out in my head. Home schooling that is. I knew what I would do. I knew what I wouldn't do. I knew how much time it was going to take. I knew how much my life would change. I knew the effort I would have to put into it. That was all before we started this week!

  • With each day/week that passes, we'll learn what works for us and what doesn't. I realize (and I had a strong feeling this would happen) that my idea of SCHOOL, is still like traditional school. I need to 'un-school' myself, as they call it. We had hoped to have a room set aside just specifically for school. But as always, things never go as planned, so we're improvising this year. It works though.

  • This week actually went good. The kids were always SO excited to start school after lunch. I learned VERY fast, that not too much would get done with Tubby awake-running around. Day #3, Mr. Busy did more in one hour than most kids do in a whole day. Although Friday we did 2 straight hours of school work in the morning, and Mr. Busy sat on my lap almost the whole time. Well. okay. he'd get on my lap, off my lap, on my lap, off my lap. But he didn't wander too far from the table!

  • Each night I managed to have a decent supper on the table (no frozen pizza). The laundry was contained. The house is still standing. I've learned quickly how to spend my time (more) wisely. Which basically is translated to: less time on the computer! Just as the kids are learning new things, so am I.


  1. Good for you Heather...I'm proud of ya!

  2. Great pictures of the kids on thier first day of school...home school.

  3. do you give John "homework"? maybe that would help keep him busy.