Thursday, May 14, 2009

Better day

To start with the weather was better. Just having Mr. Sun made the day better. It was still cool (high 50's), and windy.. but the kids didn't mind. And speaking of kids..we had a good day! Plans changed last minute this morning, and we ended up with 6 kids (instead of my normal 4). But it was all good. This afternoon all 6 took a nap. At the same time. For a loong period of time!
I had a big box of flowers just impatiently waiting to be planted. So I bravely planted them with the help of my 'helpers'. I'll have to get some pictures from Aunt Tanya. Now after a fun filled day the kids are ready to crash and so is Mommy. Just as soon as I clean all that sand and dirt out of the bathtub...4 kids=messy bathtub

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