Monday, May 11, 2009

It's the little things

To tell you the truth I wasn't going to blog about Mother's Day. Mostly because, we don't celebrate Mother's Day the traditional way. Meaning, I don't have the day 'off', I don't get pampered, I don't receive lots of wonderful, (meaning expensive) gifts. Life carries on just like normal, well, to an extent. I figured I wouldn't have anything exceptional to write about. Or so I thought.

  • I didn't receive a big bouquet of store bought flowers. But I did get the biggest bouquet of dandelion flowers that a 3 and 4 year old can possibly pick. (think an armful, not bouquet) Not to mention a big flat of flowers to plant together in our pots.
  • I didn't get a fancy card. But I did get a handwritten note from my husband, saying (and touching) more than any store bought card could EVER think of saying.
  • I didn't receive any 'expensive' gifts. But through out the day I was given little wildflowers, dandelions, hugs, kisses. All priceless gifts to me.
  • I didn't get the day off to relax by myself. But I did get to spend the entire day with my husband and 4 kids, creating more memories to cherish. Truth be told, it would have been a BORING day without them.
  • I didn't get to eat out (technically we did. We ate at my in-laws.. but all us "moms" worked together). But I did have my family surrounding me at the table..and later that night the kids (and my husband) made a 'pretend' picnic on the living floor for me to enjoy.

So while I didn't get Mother's Day the 'traditional' way. I now realize just how special it was for me. I can't lie- it would be nice to get flowers, have the day 'off', get expensive gifts, the whole 9 yards.. but to be completely honest.. I'm perfectly content with what I got. And I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate it.

Having kids has taught me to see the joy in little things, because they mean much, much more than the things money can buy. So for those of you who got the '5 star' treatment, good for you, no doubt you deserved every second of it, but, move on over! This country Mama to 4 is flying high after her priceless Mother's Day!

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  1. I agree with you, I would never want to spend Mother's Day alone, that can be done on a different day, I cannt think of a better way to spend it than with your children!:) Glad you had a great day:)