Monday, May 4, 2009

Never, Ever Again!

  • On a very spur of the moment I joined my husband on a 'work mixed with pleasure' trip to Nashville, TN. He was planning to leave Monday (4/27) alone. Sunday afternoon I was told to pack the kid's bag because I was going along! Much to my surprise. (I can only imagine the surprise my Sis-in-law got when she found out she was going to have extra kids.) ALL.WEEK.LONG. The girls stayed at Aunt Heather's. Benji stayed at G'pa and G'ma (with Jacob) We took John with us.
  • Sunday night I watched the girls leave with Joe and Heather, and we left Benji at G'pa and G'ma house (very hard for me-I didn't cry (in front of anyone at least). We didn't explain that Mommy and Daddy would be leaving for a whole week. (It would have been worse if they knew) Anyways, they were thrilled when they learned they were staying somewhere other than home. The longest I have been away from my kids is 2 nights, maybe 3 tops!
  • Bright and early Monday morning we left for Nashville. We got back this past Sunday, early evening. I NEVER once worried about the kids (because I knew Aunt Heather, G'pa and G'ma would take care of them just fine.) But-I.MISSED.THEM.EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! The week went by fast though. We had lots of fun. But I don't think I will ever be able to leave them for that long. EVER.AGAIN!
  • I won't lie. The break was nice. Although it wasn't really a 'break' break, since we had an almost 20 month old with us. Our most active kid ever :-) But it was 1 kid, instead of 4. So it was a break. Which by the way, John did GREAT. Sitting for 13+ hours, sleeping in motel, new environment, etc.
  • I'm not sure how my husband was able to drive OTR (over-the-road) for so long. Now I know how he felt, in a measure. When he was gone, he was ALONE. EVERYONE else was back at home. This trip, we had each other, plus John.
  • For me, calling back home made things worse. I knew Heather would tell me the kids were doing 'fine' if I asked (which she did), no matter how they really were doing. So I called only once.
  • We are very much the 'take your kids everywhere with you' types of parents. Yes, occasionally we have an day/evening/night to ourselves. By occasionally I mean once a month-maybe. And we're okay with it.
  • I trusted those who took care of my kids, and I don't know how to ever thank them for what they did for us. Yes, I know, family takes care of family, it's what we do. But still. (You'll get your thank-you presents shortly. Yes, you are both getting something, don't argue!)
  • I'll post more about the trip and pictures on the "kids" blog sometime this week. But in the mean time, I'm going to enjoy being a mom of 4 once again and get back to laundry... And enjoy the flowers they all picked me this morning!

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  1. there sure is a big difference between being away from your kids 2-3 hours and being away from them for a number of days. glad you had a good time though