Friday, April 24, 2009

Is there such a thing as "Blog Etiquette"?

I've always wondered about this in the back of my mind, but never gave it TOO much thought, until lately. My sis-in-law started a blog the other day. FINALLY. I've been after her for ages. She is completely new to it, I've been blogging for a year and half, almost. So she asked about my blog roll, "do you know everyone on it?"

Well, yes and no. Most of them I do, like I actually have seen them or know them personally. A few people I only know through their blog, but yet I feel like I've known them all my life. You know how that goes right? That got me thinking...

There are tons of blogs I look at, but never comment because I don't know these people from Adam, nor do they know me. Often we end up having a mutual friend, but sometimes I just 'end' up at their blog magically. Lately I've been venturing out... (oh... I know.. big steps) I've been commenting on peoples blogs that I 'stalk' (translated: always view, never comment). Whether or not a 'blog friendship' will evolve, who knows. But I figure if people didn't want every Tom, Dick and Harry viewing their pictures or thoughts, they'd have it private. Right?

So my question(s) is: Do you comment on blogs of strangers, or just people you know? And is there an etiquette to follow when blogging?


  1. Good question! I usually don't comment on peoples blogs I don't know, even though I do have some people (because of the 52 week challenge) that I now leave comments on their and they now follow mine. I have never meant you, but I know you...if you know what I mean. I have left comments on people blogs that I know, I would know if we lived in the same place. You get my meaning right?

    I have been thankful for the times that people have left comments and I have gotten to know you.

    Wow is that all confusing or what?

  2. I comment on strangers blogs all the time...

  3. I comment on strangers blogs too. I usually tell them how I came across their blog. I agree with you. If they didn't want us to comment then they'd make it private. I like it when strangers comment on my blogs though it doesn't happen all that often.

  4. this has nothing to do with blogs but I was wondering how far you are from Menomonie? Have you ever been to the waterpark there? We should meet up some time this summer when I'm home with the kids. My kids love the water park and also the sandbox area. Great way to spend a hot day.

  5. If it's not private... it's pubic. And as long as you're nice (which you are) then it's all good. People love having people read their blogs... ;-)