Friday, April 10, 2009

Are we really that odd?

Maybe we are the 'odd family' around here. But I guess I didn't think it was so out of the ordinary.. maybe I'm wrong. Are we the only family that...
  • Doesn't have a TV to entertain 4 kids all day?
  • Actually 'plays' with their kids to keep them 'entertained'?
  • Doesn't go out for supper every night of the week?
  • Actually makes meals for my family....
  • Eats with their kids.

I all but got the 'Mother of the Year' award when this person found out we have 4 kids and NO TV!

Them: "How in the world do you entertain 4 kids?"

Me: "Uh, we play games, read books, play with toys, do projects...."

Them: "Oh, so you run a daycare 'school'?"

Me: "Well, some days it feels like it with 4 kids, but no. I do those things with just my own children."

Them: "Wow! That's incredible! You must eat out alot, if you do all that with them."

Me: "Actually we don't eat out too often. I probably go thru drive-thru once a week. We don't eat out with all 4 kids too often. So I cook supper for my family every night!"

Them: "Unbelievable. You are a "Wonder Mom"!! Can I have you come speak to some other Mom's I know?"

By this time I'm getting pretty annoyed by this person. I must admit, I did get a little 'puffed up', by being dubbed as "Super Mom" of the year. Yet I really don't do anything so out of the ordinary. Or at least I don't think so. Isn't it normal to play with your kids, make them food....?

I'm not writing this to get applauded for 'all' that I do for my kids. Because to me it's just part of being a mother (and its something I love to do). I know at times I grumble about the never ending laundry, or the mess that kids make.. yet deep down I really don't mind. I'm just sad that for some, this is not the case. What a sad, sad day it is, when your kids are actually another 'job' for you!

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  1. Arent' we thankful for moms that just do what moms are suppose to, without thinking they are doing anything out of the ordinary. You are doing a great job!