Saturday, April 18, 2009

Katie's Story

Happy 3rd Birthday Katie Bug!

Dear Katie,

It is so hard to believe that you are turning 3 years old today! I remember so well the day you were born!
Carolyn was about 6 months old when I found out I was pregnant with you. (You would be the same space apart as Carolyn and Benji were..almost identical actually). I remember it being bittersweet while I was pregnant, because someone very dear to us was trying so very hard to get pregnant at the time, (then there was that adoption ordeal they endured). I also was (not so secretly) wondering how I was going to handle 3 kids??!!

Just like the past 2, no problems or complications with your pregnancy. G'ma Linda joked that I had 1 baby on time, 1 baby early, THIS baby would be late! She was right! Your due date came and went. So did my patience's. G'ma Joyce came to stay with us shortly before my due date. I remember walking and walking and walking in town with Aunt Tanya, Aunt Heather and her kids and G'ma Joyce. I walked the rubber off of my shoes (just kidding). Anyone who goes past your due date, even by a day knows what I was feeling. I got HUGE during that last week..which added to everything!

The DR agreed to induce me a week after my due date! So bright and early Tuesday, April 15, 2006 Daddy drove me to the hospital. By 8:45 they had the IV in and flowing. Almost immediately I had contractions: light and steady. At 12:45 I was only 4 cm. They didn't want my contractions to come any closer (every 3 mins) but they wanted them stronger. So the DR broke my water. Again, instantly my contractions picked up in intensity! (Right about now, I was re-thinking my 'all natural/no pain medicine plan', but I was so glad I stuck it out just a bit longer!) At 2:00 I was 7 cm, at 2:15 I was 8 cm. At 2:20 I was told to push 'just once', but had to wait. Around 2:30, I began again. At 2:42 pm, April 18, 2006, Kathryn Leann Schwenneker (8#15oz, 20 1/2") came into the world and our lives!

Once again, I can't begin to explain the emotions I felt when I heard you cry, saw you for the 1st time, and held you in my arms. You had a head full of dark brown hair, with streaks of blond running through it! The nurses were amazed at your hair, and your size! Mommy and Daddy were just so happy you were healthy and had 10 fingers and toes!

(Speaking of Daddy....After they broke my water, Daddy went out to the car to get something, since he figured it'd be a little while before anything happened. (During this time my contractions got hot and heavy...) 1:00-no Daddy. 1:30- no Daddy. 2:00- no Daddy (The nurses are wondering if they should call his cell phone, Mommy is in another state of mind not really 'worrying' about Daddy). Daddy walks through the door at 2:15, the Dr is right behind him. About 20 minutes after walking thru the door...Katie was born! (He ran into a family friend on his way back in from the car!! :0 ) With every pregnancy I had a secret fear of Daddy not being there for the delivery, (since he drove semi and sometime would be hours away in another state). This time, HE drove me to the hospital, and ALMOST missed the delivery!

Right from the start you were a good baby. Nursing and sleeping good: waking up once a night (for the most part). You had an older brother and sister, so you had plenty of attention and entertainment. Most days found you content and happy! Such a good baby! You are most defiantly a Daddy's girl and Boppa's pal! (You have both wrapped around your finger). You know how to hold your own, and won't tolerate to get pushed around, OR left behind! Slowly you've come out of your quiet, bashful shell...proving to some that you really are a normal kid!

Just like each of our kids, you bring your own special traits to our family. And we love each and every trait that makes our family complete. It's hard to believe you are turning 3 already! You act so grown up at times, and love to play with the big kids! We love you so much! I hope your day is special and fun.. because you are to us! Hugs & Kisses!

Love, Mommy

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