Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yawn, Just another Saturday!

Alright, today I ....

  • did 5 loads of laundry (load #5 is sitting patiently in the dryer, load #4 is folded and waiting in the basket)
  • made 4 loaves of bread (I baked 3 and froze 1 for later)
  • made 2 dozen rolls (well, I froze them to bake later)
  • watched 3 kids today : John-18mos, Carolyn-3, and Emily-4 (OK.. the girls played outside almost ALL day, so I really watched 1 kid. Plus all 3 took a nap this afternoon)
  • vacuumed the living room
  • 'swipe-cleaned' the bathroom (did I mention I love Clorox wipes and the Swiffer mop?)
  • got my 4 originals back
  • fed them supper (it was nothing gourmet, but it was supper)

Before the evening is over I will possibly

  • give them all a bath
  • make a salad for supper tomorrow
  • maybe make a casserole for lunch tomorrow (on the 2nd thought, pizza does sound good for lunch)
  • line up clothes and bags for Sunday AM
  • give my husband a 'welcome back home' kiss just before I crash on my pillow (yes, he's been gone all day. I seem to get much more done when he is NOT here, but I do LOVE it when he IS here!)

And he thinks I just sit on the computer all day! Silly man! (Some days I do sit at the computer alot, not ALL day though. Not all Saturdays are as productive as this one was..don't think I'm a super woman or anything!)

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