Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today I wish...

Maybe I really am getting 'older', as I have absolutely no desire to play any April Fool pranks today. The thought crossed my mind to do/say a few things..but that's as far as I got. I'm secretly happy my kids won't realize what today means for a few more years! When that time comes I'll have to get back into the game!

Anyways... Today I wish...

  • My kids came with an instruction manual.
  • I had more than 24 hours in one day.
  • I could have slept in a few hours longer.
  • All I have to do is wave a wand and 'poof'... clean house.
  • I really am 'super Mom'.
  • I never have to worry, ever again, about anything.
  • It was summer time.
  • My kids wouldn't grow up so fast.


  1. Enjoyed visiting your blog. Homeschooling comes with its struggles-usually in the form of little personalities, but it fits our life we are very glad we made the choice to do it. If you have any questions or need any encouragement just let me know:)