Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Mom Survey

Here's a survey for mom's. Copy and paste to your blog and then "x" each thing that describes you.

What kind of a cook do you consider yourself?
( )I’m chef material
(x)Nobody complains
( )sometimes it turns out
( )people beg me not to cook
( )what’s a cook?

When do you wash the dishes?
(x)Right away
(x)after the last meal of the day
( )the next day
( )I leave them until someone else does them

How do you decide what to make for meals?
( )open the cookbook and point to a recipe
(x)ask family members what they would like
(x)I plan my meals ahead of time
( )pull a packaged item from the freezer
( )call for delivery

How often do you do laundry?
( )every day
(x)at least once or twice a week
( )I send it out
( )never. I just buy new

At what point do you vacuum the floor?
( )everyday before the floor really has a chance to get dirty
(x)a couple of times a week just to keep the big chunks from be obvious
( )when I can’t walk without the soles of my feet being covered in crumbs and dirt
( )never

Do you dust?
( )yes, everyday
( )once a week
(x)when company is coming
( )no, it will just get dusty again

Do you make your family members do chores around the house?
( )everyone has their daily lists
( )once a week we split chores
(x)the kids have certain chores they do
( )no, I do it all

Do you pick up the kids’ toys?
( )yes, always
(x)I sometimes help them
( )no, never
( )I don’t pick up, I just throw

What do you do after the kids are in bed?
( )more work around the house
( )read a book or take a bubble bath
( )exercise
(x)spend time with husband
(x )go to bed

How often do you and your spouse go out on dates?
( )every week
(x)once a month
( )at least once a year
( x)what’s a date?

How do you buy clothes for your family?
( )brand new every time
(x)brand new and secondhand
( )always secondhand
( )we always get hand-me-downs so no need to shop

If you had a day to yourself, how would you spend it?
(x )clean house
( )get together with friends
( )go to a Day spa
(x)stay home and do whatever I want

Would you like to go back to work?
( )yes! I need the break
(x)some days
( )never. This is my job

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