Monday, June 15, 2009

7 years ago today...

Once upon a time... (remind me to tell the story of how we met sometime) *Sealed with a kiss*
Teresa (my cousin) and Joe (his brother) stood up for us.

*The yummy cake* - which we did NOT smear in each others faces.
(the cake wasn't crooked btw, it's just how the picture scanned)

*The girls and me..*
Standing L-R: Amanda, Beth, Jen, Aleigh, Alaina
Sitting: Me, Teresa

Yeah, we got hit with birdseed, (among other things). ALOT of it. We had it everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. The truck (which isn't used alot) still has bird seed falling out of it from time to time. When we changed our clothes, we left a nice pile laying on the floor there, and we may have clogged the shower drain too (j/k) There were a 'few' people mostly responsible. And I'm saddened to say that when some of them got married I was not in attendance at their wedding, or THEIR farewell would have been well remembered too. And to those not married... your turns coming! :)
I do realize this is to be expected..after all, I was guilty of playing part in birdseed schemes along with other tricks you play at weddings. But there's a fine line to be drawn with having fun and going to far. Now covering the steering wheel with Vaseline - so when I slide across the front seat, I wiped it clean with my dress (leaving a stain) - was a bit out of line. And a side note - Vaseline is NOT a good thing to smear on the windshield. It does NOT come off with the wiper fluid...and it's nearly impossible to see thru. But because we were smart. We hid our honeymoon vehicle - all packed, ready to go...all we had to do was just do the switch-a-roo!

Honeymoon here we come...
Almost 2 weeks of just me and him way out west... We arrived home to a house nicely decorated by my newly acquired SILs and BILs. Crepe paper, balloons...among other things drapped on the ceiling fan!! :)
7 years may seem like a long time ago. Yet it seems like it was just yesterday. We've seen, done, and experience alot..but the most important thing is we have done everything together. Step-by-step. Hand-in-hand. He is my husband... my best friend... my better half... my everything... without him I would be lost. 7 years later...with 4 little kids...we're right where we want to be! Happy in love, for ever after!


  1. Just for the books WE DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING to do with the truck... As for the house... well:)

  2. Awww...Happy Anniversary!!!:)

  3. Happy Anniversary, my friend!! I wish I had more memories of that day, but sadly, I don't. I love looking at pictures, though, and thinking, "OH, that's right! I remember that now!" :)

    And as for the birdseed thing...IF I get married, I plan to elope, so dealing with birdseed issues because of YOU or any other of my crazy girlie-friends should NOT be an issue!!! ;o)

  4. Happy 7th anniversary! I never made the connection before that we got married the same year. Glad you guys were able to enjoy your special day.