Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Any advice for a beginner

I got an early bday present yesterday from my family..... I've debated getting one for quite some time. I realize I have 4 kids. And every day is crammed full of activity.. leaving very little 'free time' for mommy!
Like always, I'll just have to make time for the things I want. Basically meaning, I'll either be up earlier or stay up later! I know quite a few other Mom's do sewing, none of which have 4 lil kids. But kids require time and attention, no matter how many or few you have. So all you (expert) Mom sewer's... give me all your tips....
So now.. for the time and patience's to set it up... and use it!
Thank you so much!!!


  1. Yay! Good luck getting started! It can be fun but also frustrating (at least for me when it doens't go like I think it should ;-) But hey, MIL is just down the driveway and I'm sure she'd offer her expert advice =) I know just the basics...(but will help if I can). Are you doing one of those jean skirts?

  2. You can do it! I have 4 kids during the day and that's when I sew...I don't sew at night when Tim is home, because those are our few hours of family time. I drag everything upstairs and do it while the kids nap usually. You have a pretty fancy machine there! Have fun!!!

  3. my MIL could give you plenty of advise! she's been sewing since my BIL was a baby so close to 40 years. as you me, start with easy 1-2 hour patterns and work your way up. have fun! :)

  4. I sewed when the kids were little and enjoyed it - it was 'hunting & fishing'! I don't do clothes anymore (or not too often, anyway!) but my 'thing' now is quilts! I loved to make matching outfits for all of us! Especially shirts! Do go with simple patterns at first, as others advised -- have fun!

  5. oops - should say it was 'my hunting & fishing'!