Thursday, June 11, 2009

Smell the flowers..

I do realize I just posted about spending less time on here. But I found out I'm addicted to blogging! opps!
Because none of our kids are in school (yet), summer-time brings no change in our schedule, except for the nice weather. We literally live, eat, play and sometimes sleep outside.
I'm afraid to learn how much time I spend on the computer. Way to much I know. Just late last fall we finally got a computer. I survived just fine without one (using only my MIL) but now that we have one.. its just so handy.

But just like anything, too much of something can be a bad thing. For me it's...the computer. Because of the computer I've been able to keep up to date with old friends, met new friends and get to know people I have seen thru the years. But also because of the computer...I've put alot of things on the back burner or worse.. neglected them.
I've sadly figured out my kids are only young once. I know I'll never, ever regret the time I spent with them. But I've already come to regret the times I DIDN'T spend with them, because of selfish reasons.
I will NOT give up this blog, because of what it means for me, and what it does for me. But I will learn to use it much more wisely. Like when the kids are napping or sleeping. So in the mean time.. I'm going to go outside and take time to smell my flowers.. and have a piece of cake that my daughter has so eagerly made just for Mommy!

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