Monday, June 29, 2009

Golden Day

As a kid, I can remember waiting and waiting for my 'golden' birthday. Everyone else had theirs early. I had to wait until I was 29! That was going to take forever! OR at least I thought it would.
Now today, I'm celebrating my golden birthday. Turning 29. One more year until the big 3-0. I have no issues with turning 29. After all, I've been happily married for 7 years, have 2 boys and 2 girls. Life hasn't been standing still to say the least. It may be safe to say, I'm right where I wanted to be. Married with a family. Content. (Of course there's lots I'd LOVE to change- like no debt, lose weight, have the house finished, blah, blah, blah..)
This weekend, we made a flying trip back to my parents. (3 hours away) It was a short and sweet trip. But great to see them, my sister, my grandma and a few others we haven't seen for way too long. It also is safe to say, I was a spoiled birthday girl that weekend too! I have tons of pictures, which will likely end up on the kids blog. But I was surprised to find out how many I had with me in them, so they'll appear here on Thurs (for my 52 wk challenge).
As with any trip, I have tons of unpacking to do. Don't get me started on the laundry pile. A garden to be weeded. Kids to be tended to, (plus 3 extra kids-who actually help keep mine entertained). And rumor has it... my husband is taking me out for supper...again. Shhh....This will be the 3rd Monday in a row that we've gone out for supper alone.. should I ask him what he did? :)


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! So glad you could be with your parents too...that always makes it special. Enjoy your 29th year...30's are so bad either. ;o)

  2. Kylie has to wait until she's 30 until she gets to have her golden birthday.
    ahh, the fun thing about summer. go away and then when you come home you have a lot to do to catch up
    I think that you should ask Ben what he wants if he's taking you out again :) Do you know if there's something big/expensive that he has his eye on?
    enjoy your last year in your 20's but 30 isn't so bad, just another year.

  3. Happy Golden Birthday! Cute pic! My Golden birthday is when I am 30....I remember thinking when I was little that 30 was SO old, and now I am only 3 years and a couple months away! Yikes!

  4. Happy golden birthday, Heather. Hardly seems shouldn't be facing 30!! Like Auntie Mar, I well remember the day you were born! It's been a privilege watching you grow up....glad we were close so we could!....and watching you grow in your role as mommy. Doing great, girl, doing great!!
    Love, A. Karen