Monday, June 8, 2009


  • Today is Monday..blah!
  • It's cold and rainy..again. It's only been raining constantly since late Friday night.
  • The kids are sick and tired of being stuck inside.
  • I'm sick and tired of them being stuck inside.
  • I would like to be outside myself. Our grass REALLY needs cut now!
  • Everything I do today is like taking one step forward two steps back. (life with 4 kids, especially when they're cooped up)
  • Sadly, I'm looking forward to my eye DR appt. (which I absolutely hate - that 'shoot air in your eye' test *shudder*) tomorrow.
  • It means I'll be ALL ALONE for a few hours in the afternoon. (My poor SIL will have 3 maybe 4 extra kids.. I'm sure she's looking forward to HER afternoon :)
  • Did I mention I'm sick of the rain?
  • It's not raining RIGHT now. But everything is soaking wet and muddy..
  • Wait, it's raining again!
  • If it wasn't rainy, I'm sure my day would be much better.. or at least I'd have a better attitude!
  • I'm looking forward to Monday - our 7th anniversary. Rumor has it - we're going out for supper that night. We'll see if that holds true!
  • Right now I'm dreaming of this sunny, warm day.. and I'm going to pretend that it's me sitting in that chair napping, while my husband is inside - cleaning the house, doing the laundry, watching the kids and is fixing supper!
  • Yes! I realize that will only happen in my dreams!


  1. Sweet and precious little princesses.

  2. That picture is precious!! Definitely one that requires being framed!

  3. I agree with you about the rain...enough ALREADY. Our hayfield yard is almost too long for the mower ;-)

  4. that picture is precious!!!