Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We had our cake...and ate it too

This past weekend we celebrated our (7th) anniversary with family and cake. My MIL made a tasty meal of BBQ chicken (among other sides) and my SIL made our delicious cake - choc cake with cream cheese and choc. chips!Out of 12 pictures that were snapped quickly on my camera, this is the only one 'normal'. I had a few other 'good' ones uploaded, then out of the kindness of my heart, (towards my husband), I deleted them. HE never reads my blogs, but his family does...and I'm sure word would leak out.. then I'd have to delete them!


  1. Nice pic!! Is that my daughter's little face in the background?? =)

  2. AH my friends!!!! I miss you two so much. Seeing this picture makes me smile. I luvs you two!