Monday, December 14, 2009

Having a bad day?

You need to look at things in a new way...And for goodness sakes... put a smile on your face!
Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for the smile--I needed that =)

  2. Good post, Heather. This sure is the truth, eh? In response to some of your comments I wanted to say:

    Ha... can tell you have some idea about balloons! She did indeed ask for her balloon first thing this morning and it has made the rounds with her all day! Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comment the other day. I do agree... twos are wonderful... I found every age wonderful... I think it is all in training. The reason people call it terrible twos is because they have failed to train their children and when they reach two it starts to come out in obvious and unpleasant ways as they discover they can win the battle of the wills and struggle to gain independence. Oh, did you want to hear all that? :)

    Good evening to you!


  3. A smile and a new way of looking at things always helps, huh?

  4. :) How could you not smile with that cute face around?