Monday, July 27, 2009

Trying to keep a smile on this crazy Monday-

The other day we got an impromptu offer from an old friend and her kids to stop over for awhile. My heart chin hit the floor as I realized (we had just gotten back from TN...) the house was a mess DISASTER. She has 4 kids too. (I'm not saying her house looks anything like mine- but she'd understand better than anyone else why my house looks like it does.) I've thought about this alot since then. If you are coming to visit us to see our HOUSE, you'll likely be disappointed. If you are truly coming to see US, we know you won't mind the state of our house, clothes, or anything else. So before you think of popping in, remember this:
  • The door will always be open to you.

  • I can almost guarantee the house will NOT be picked up.

  • We likely can scrounge up something to eat.. not saying it'll be a 4-course meal or gourmet.

  • With 4 kids, (5 yrs and under) our house is always hopping, never quiet, dull, or boring.

So that being said.. when are you gonna stop in for a dose of messy house, rowdy kids?

Do you have a cleaning schedule? (Do you do certain things everyday.. or only on certain days of the week)

  • I've heard of 'Fly-Lady'..but not sure what I think about her. What do you think about her methods?

  • Our house isn't finished yet.. inside or outside... so keeping it 'clean/organized' is basically impossible. I do love our house, but I can't imagine/wait for the day it's ALL DONE!

  • Toys! How can 4 kids possibly get bored with all these toys?

  • What is your 'rule' about your kids toys? I don't make them pick up their toys constantly ALL day, just before bed.. (most of the time) Every so often I go thru and reduce their toys, and rotate them.

Today we are having a MAJOR case of the MONDAY'S! It may have something to do with:

  • Leaving spur of the moment for almost 2 wks, coming home to a messy house.. piling our luggage on top of..and still trying to dig our way up to the surface.

  • I have too many little to-do projects on my list that I've kept putting off.

  • It rained alot this wk end..making outside work and play not very much fun.

  • I have an ear ache.

  • The kids (and me) are excited for the county fair/rodeo/truck pull this wk end.

I've decided I put too much stress, energy and time into having a perfect house. When in fact I really don't want a perfect house. Yes, I'd love to have a clean house, with everything in it's place. But then that means my kids are all grown and not living at home anymore. Nobody that lives in this house (besides me) cares if it's messy, turned upside down. But they do care when I short-change them of their precious time that can never be replaced. So today, instead of doing the deep-cleaning I thought about doing.. I'm going to go back and read more books with my kids. THEN maybe at naptime I'll tackle some of those projects.. OR maybe I'll snuggle with them while they nap!


  1. 1) I hate cleaning so no schedule. I just do what needs to be done when something gets really bad
    2) Fly Lady's website is so unorganized that it irritates me so bad when I try to view it so hence I don't. she's got issues with her website. I've been told to get her book. that it's much better
    3) I kids have tons of toys too and I'm always amazed that they get bored
    4) I make my kids pick up their toys but I will also help them.
    5) someone once told me that I will have all the time in the world to clean my house when my kids are grown and gone. therefore, enjoy the time now with them. works for me!

  2. Yep, you read those books, and snuggle during nap time, clean what you cannot put off anymore, the really bad things, and when you have nothing clean to wear, and enjoy them, they will be gone before you know it:)

  3. Hey, you were in my neck-of-the-woods.

    As for cleaning...we use ChorePacks. It's a great system. The kids love it. You could probably even start now. It will be just a little, but it might help. :) Just google Managers of Their Homes, ChorePacks, or Steve and Teri Maxwell.