Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What IS really important

Whenever I think about writing a post.... someone else does one so similar I feel like I'm just copying them. This time it was a dear friend, so I'll give her fair credit for her work (not that she would even mind me doing one of my own, but....)

Awhile back I had a moment day where I realized that some things just aren't as important as they seemed. I had my day planned out, or so I thought. Much to my delight (insert sarcasm here), my plans were changed because of another. It really shouldn't have been an issue at all, because it wasn't all that important: my plans nor the reason my plans were changed.

So often we lose sight of what is REALLY important. Not the things that we THINK are important. But the things that truly, really matter to us. I've been keeping a mental list of things that I value and couldn't live with out. Things that I've discovered are worth fight over. Not necessary in any order, but here some of them are:
  • My faith/beliefs

  • My husband and children

  • My family and my in-laws

  • Love

  • Simplicity

  • Honesty/Trust

  • Happiness

  • Laughter

  • Health

The things that mean the most to me can not be bought with money. The things that can be bought with money don't hold much value in my eyes. So why do I worry about keeping getting my house clean, when I can be enjoying simple moments of happiness and laughter with those I love?

So what is REALLY important to you... and what ISN'T so important after all?