Monday, July 6, 2009


Almost 22 mos ago, a cute baby boy was born. 3 days after our John to be exact. It is not my place to share his story. That story belongs told by his parents. But I will say this... In some ways I hope he never knows what he went thru the 1st year of his life. Nor do I wish he learns of the tears, struggle, heartache that his parents went thru to get him. But I do hope he realizes just how blessed he is to be where he is today. I know with out a doubt that he will know just how much he is loved by his family.I used to tease Tanya, she had her 2 kids the easy way. (no pain, no weight gain, ju$t a baby) As a Mom to 4 kids, I know what it's like to be pregnant for 40(+) wks, impatiently awaiting for the moment to arrive. I know the pain and joy interwoven at delivery. I know the feeling of holding your baby for the 1st time.
Yet, she did not give birth to her 2 children... she waited impatiently for the arrival of both her kids (much longer than 40+ wks that I had to). Although her pain wasn't from delivery, she had her own intense pain that followed the birth of both children. A pain that lasted far longer and much more deeper than I experienced in my few short hours of labor. They both had the joy of holding their children for the 1st time. They experienced so much more than I ever would have to dreamt of facing having my 4 kids.
Now I realize, I had my 4 kids the easy way. And she, not by choice, had her 2 the hardest way. Whether your child grows under your heart, your in your heart... your child is your child no matter what.
Congrats Tanya and Charles! You've waited so long for this day! Savor and Enjoy this moment with your little family today! Can't wait to celebrate with you! (ps- I didn't mean for this to get so long, drawn out and sappy)


  1. Not sappy at all, its happy:) He is a beautiful little boy and I am so happy he has a wonderful home:) I cannot imagine what parents that adopt go through:( I have 2 children in my day care that were adopted and they have such wonderful lives now, thank you to them and everyone else that can adopt and that does for that.:)

  2. Very touching Heather......I think you said it all. We are so happy for Tanya, Charles and Larissa and especially little Wyatt and the happy loving home he knows of because of all that his parents went through to get him.

  3. Heather~ about the pool. yes, it's easy to maintain. you have little strips of paper that you put into the pool and it will test the water. I run the filter usually when the kids are in the pool so that it gets out the grass/bugs and whatnot easier.