Monday, November 9, 2009

Benji's Story

Dear Benji:
Today you are turning six! How is that possible!? It was just yesterday when you changed our lives forever. We went from 'husband and wife' to 'daddy and mommy'. Your due date was 11-10-03.
At the time, we were milking cows with Uncle Joe and Aunt Heather. You would be proud to know your mother did chores ALL by herself quite often, while Daddy worked late in the woods. Your pregnancy was an enjoyable one. NO morning sickness, no problems, no troubles. I loved every minute of it.
Late Wed. Nov 5, I was awakened by contractions. Every 10 minutes. Being 1st time parents we were all ready to run into the hospital right then. But we were told to wait until they get closer together. Thurs morning they stopped. Then to start up later that day. Then stop. Then start. Always 10 minutes apart. By Friday night it was constant. Every 10 minutes. Finally Saturday (Nov 8- Boppa Ben's bday!) night, Daddy was getting concerned worried anxious. And I was more than ready to go.
The hospital graciously allowed us to come in for observation. IF nothing progressed, they'd send us home at midnight. I wasn't dilated very far when we arrived (maybe 2cm), but contractions were getting somewhat stronger, but still 10 or so minutes apart. At midnight, we got the option to go home, or to spend the night there. We chose to spend the night.
About 3:30 am (Sun. Nov 9) my water broke while I was going to the bathroom. That gave us a 'do NOT go home-go directly to labor suite' pass. Contractions picked up from there. From 3:30am till about 2:00 pm I did everything I knew possible to stay calm, focused and work with my body to get things going. (In the meantime, my parents and sister, left right after Sunday mtg. and were driving speeding 3 hours to meet their 1st grand baby.. niece/nephew.)
I wish I had wrote more down because the 'little, important' details, that I swore I'd NEVER forget are already fuzzy. Somewhere late morning, they realized my water hadn't really broken. It was just the 'fore-bag', so they re-broke my water. Around 2:00 pm I was FINALLY allowed to start pushing. Daddy was talking to Boppa Ben when I was giving the okay, so they started out on the short 1/2 hr drive. I still remember so clear the Dr (I got the 0n-call Dr.. who later became my Dr for Katie and John) saying in his forgein accent/broken english: baby #1 take long time out. push and push for days. baby #2 #3 #4 will fall right out. no worry. You certainly made this Mommy work labor for her baby. But it was worth every hour, every minute, every second. And I'd do it all over again. In a heart beat. Just to have you! The very moment you were born... the hours preceding were forgotten.
At 4:00pm exactly, you were born! A boy! 7#12 oz. 20" (exactly the same size as Mommy was!) One of the proudest moments of my life. You made me a Mommy. And your Daddy... well, he was QUITE proud of his new son! Oh the feelings of seeing and holding you for the very first time! We were a FAMILY!! Once the DR gave you (and mommy) a quick look, we handed you off to the not-so-patiently waiting grandparents/aunt about ready to break thru that hospital room door!
It seems like in just the blink of an eye you went from newborn to big brother to the 6 year old you are today. There is no denying, you are your Father's son. From looks, to 'attitude', to likes/dislikes. We love each and every trait that makes you the special boy you are. Like when you fall asleep in our bed and rub our ears (or any body's ears.. at given anytime). Or how you used to stutter when you were little.. or when you got real excited. Or how you can gallop like a horse. Or how you love your little brother SO much. Or your blueberry blue eyes that just make us putty in your hands. Or your new way to reason with us (6 yr old logic). Or how you rub someone's back/shoulder when they are hurt/upset. I could go on and on. Today is your special day. It's your 6th birthday! So to my (not-so-little-anymore) cowboy... Happy birthday Benji!! We all love you SO much!

Love, Hugs & Kisses,


  1. Happy Birthday! Love, Grandpa and Gramma

  2. What a GREAT story, Happy Birthday big man:)

  3. :) :) :) LOL!!!

    What a great thing to have written down...wish I could have had a blog back when the 3 oldest were think you will remember but memories slip through the cracks.

  4. ;) ;) ;) ;) (Just keepin' up with the Jonse's you know.)

    Happy Birthday little man! Your Mom and Dad love you more than you'll ever know. You are the one that made then "Mom and Dad" and there will never be anyone else who will hold such a special privilege in their lifes. Hope you have many, many more birthdays that are just as special as you.

  5. Happy Birthday... Hope your day was perfect. Great pics:)