Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today one of my blogger friend's has a birthday. Happy Birthday Neisha! I've seen her for about 7 years at our annual church conv. I've never really talked to her. (Unless you count a passing "hello", or a friendly smile as I chased after my kids) Sometime last year I came across her blog. And as they say, the rest is history. I've been a loyal stalker follower ever since. This fall I was looking forward to seeing her. Unfortunately, plans didn't go as planned. So we've yet to 'meet'. But I'm certain when we finally do, it'll be like we've been friends forever.

Although I've been known to waste spend too much time on the computer I don't completely regret it. Because of blogs I've gotten to know countless number of amazing women. Most are mothers, like me. I find it strange and amazing at the same time, how you can feel so connected to a person (and their lives) if you've never met them.

I may never met any of them in real life. Yet, I am content with that. Because thru their blogs, I feel that we have already met and been introduced. So if some lucky day down the road our paths should cross, it wouldn't require any intros, just a long-awaited reunion of 2 great friends.


  1. This is so sweet Heather! I agree with EVERY word!:) Well said and this makes me want to meet the both of you even MORE!:) HAPPY BITHDAY NEISHA!

  2. Thank you! Hopefully we'll be able to meet up soon! :)