Saturday, November 21, 2009

deer hunter widow

For 9 straight days in a row I will be a 'deer hunter' widow, with about 75% of the WI female population! (well, if you get technical, I'm not a 100% widow. He hunts around here and is home at night.. well.. he does sleep here for a little bit anyways.) Opening morning to a grown man is like Christmas morning to a little kid. He's excited it's his favorite time of year. And I'm excited for our deer hunter widow week. My sil(s) and their kids head over here for a week of ...... what else... fun and lots of food.

I stole this from Neisha

one gun is not enough
to feel supreme and tough

doe's won't do at all
for hanging upon his wall

early to bed, early to rise
makes the big buck a worthy prize

bringing home meat
his chest he beats

me hunter, you wife
you cook venison all your life

So 'deer' Hubby... Good luck... and bring home that big buck!


  1. Know you ladies and kids will have lots of fun. Wish I was there to enjoy the kids too.
    PS still can't figure how to make a comment w/o being anonymous

  2. i hear ya sister!

    hey great poem. i bet she could get her poems published and become fithy stinkin' rich! :)

  3. I'm smiling. I'm not married today, but when I was, he used to duck hunt. He was always there for opening day. They'd leave on Friday, he'd take the day off work and he'd show up some time on Sunday, just as happy as could be. All during duck season, most weekends I was on my own. But oh my gosh, those things taste wonderful when you cook them up :) He even brought me home quail from time to time.

  4. Ha! what a funny poem! You have a short season there don't you? Is he hunting for 9 days or is that all the longer the season is? We have a ton of deer in our area and each hunter can get 12 deer, crazy!

  5. Carin- yes, the gun season is MUCH shorter than yours (much to my hubby's disgust). He will hunt every HOUR of the 9 days! Bow hunting goes from early sept until the 9 day gun hunt, then restarts until Jan (?) Muzzle loader is somewhere inbetween, plus an early/late T-zone hunt. (most areas you need to tag a doe before you can tag a buck, i don't know if there is a limit.) He was just out in Northeastern (?) WY to hunt mule deer.

  6. opps! that was really ME. I forgot that she was using my computer! :)