Monday, January 18, 2010

Pay-It-Forward Giveaway

Shortly before Xmas, I was the lucky winner of "The Not So Perfect Housewife's" Pay-It-Forward Giveaway. Because we left shortly after for TN, I didn't get her package until we got home last night. Although I usually don't drink coffee, the smell when I opened this box is unbelievably yummy! She assured me that I would love it, even if I didn't like coffee. I'm quite sure she is right. Thanks again! I'm looking forward to trying it!!Now it's MY turn! Are you ready to win?


Before you enter, you need to be willing to follow these 3 simple rules if you win:

• You'll need to give me your mailing address so I can send a small gift your way.

• Then you'll need to write your own Pay It Forward post after you receive your gift telling about it, and in that post link back to my blog.

•Finally, you need to be willing to play along. Come up with gifts to send out to YOUR 2 winners of your Pay It Forward Giveaway.

I'll carry on the tradition, and send some of my favorite things to my 2 lucky winners.
***(If you are a winner, you're welcome to send whatever gift you so desire to your 2 winners. Whether it's a favorite of yours, or just a simple gift.... just send SOMETHING to carry on the giveaway.)

Because things are a tad hectic unpredictable around here.. this may be interesting! Enter by Saturday, January 23, then I'll have the kids draw 2 names from a cowboy hat and post the lucky winners ... when you ask? I'm not sure either! But it'll be shortly after Saturday, Jan. 23!

Good Luck!


  1. How fun for you to win. I love these pay it forwards. I have already done don't count me in, but I wanted to still leave a comment.

  2. Hi, there dearie.

    Just wanted to stop by and see what was up with you all. I have no idea what this is... but hey it sounds like fun so count me in!