Monday, January 25, 2010

why is it?

Why is it when you are terribly busy.....

  • Your daughter finds a little caterpillar frozen in a chunk of ice, and is all worried about it. You tell her to bring it inside, and it actually thaws out! And crawls out of the bowl and is nowhere to be found.

** Update** The girls found the caterpillar, and he's chillin' outside. Literally! :)

  • Your (youngest) son decides that all of the toy bins need to be dumped over. All the books need to be off the shelves.

[And while we're talking about our youngest son and dumping.]

  • You find a (thankfully, half full) bag of chips dumped all over the floor when you come up from the laundry.

  • [speaking of laundry] Your washing machine hose comes disconnected on a extra large size load.


  1. Is that where the saying, "When it rains it pours."...comes from?

    Happy ending to the caterpillar. ;-)

  2. oh my! you have your hands full!
    hopefully that caterpillar doesn't wake you up tonight by crawling up your leg while your sleeping!

  3. oh, Momma, hang in there! That's all we can do sometimes isn't it!! Just kind of "hang" for a while. Glad the caterpillare is safe and sound OUTSIDE now! Big hug to you!