Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Southern Hospitality

If you've ever lived in the south, or spent some time down here, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. In the past few months, we've made countless trips to TN. Each time was exactly the same. People literally smother you with it. I'm not talking about people that you actually know. (They are wonderfully, overwhelmingly, oozing with it) I'm talking about the guy at the pump next to you at the gas station, to the waitress, to the lady who is waiting behind you at the check out lane, to the guy who just crossed in front of your path. It's everywhere. And it's given by everyone.

While I don't mean to say, everyone up north is rude, snobbish, or inconsiderate of others. I've come across plenty of friendly folks back home. And that's not to say everyone down south is full of southern hospitality. (There's "rude" folks down here too. They likely are tourist from up north.. j/k!) But down here, it's just... different.

You get sucked in by it. Never wanting to be freed of it again. It's like an addiction. You taste alittle, and you can't get enough. You crave it. You get withdrawals from it.

We've transplanted to a few areas in the recent years. Don't get me wrong. We've met plenty of friendly, gracious, unbelievably-good-to-us people/friends. We always came away with great friends. But, as far as feeling welcomed by the town/city we moved to... never. Here... definitely welcomed.

No snow, (slightly) warmer temps than back home, southern hospitality... I could move down here permanently in a heartbe.... Okay. Maybe not permanently. But it won't be as hard as I once thought, hopping back and forth. We've made friends with some amazing, unbelievable people so far. And we still have a few more to met once our schedules line up.

Soon we'll have to head north again. I'll have to take some of this southern hospitality with me, and some warmer weather. Can you imagine what kind of place this world would be if everyone was friendly(er)? To everyone/anyone? There's that familiar verse... do unto others as you want them to do unto you. That's gotta be the general motto down south.

A girl could get spoiled living down here! But I hope instead of just taking it.. I remember to give it back.


  1. The south is pretty special, isn't it. My kids had the best of manners when we left TN...now they are back to "yeah"...no more "yes mam".

  2. it's awesome...i miss it...enjoy your time there...we wish you all the best!:0)

  3. What an incredible time in your life. The people there sound so warm and inviting. I'm so happy for you. When we moved to this small town it's been very hard. Harder than living in Cheyenne. The people here are so used to their small town ways they don't go out of their way to be welcoming. It's tough. I'm so glad you are having such a positive experience.

  4. Great post Heather! I had a taste of that in Texas one time. It is good to remember to be that way ourselves! Enjoy!

  5. yes, the world would be so much better if everyone was a little bit nicer/friendlier.

  6. Yes, dahlin', we ARE friendly in the South. When we were growning up we were taught to say "yes mam, yes sir, no mam, no sir", etc. to everyone as a sign of respect. When my Aunt and Uncle from up north came to visit they thought we were being rude, smart mouthed kids! The few times I've been up north the first thing I notice is the rudeness of the general public. Why?? Now - I'm not saying EVERY ONE is rude, just the general public. And probably they're not really rude per 'sey, just not as friendly as I'm used to. So...come on back south as soon as you can sugah'. We'll be waitin' for ya! Texas is know as the "Friendly State" for a reason. ;)