Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I *heart* being an Aunt

I got to meet my nephew for the 1st time tonight. 1 week old. He weighed 9#3 oz at birth. Hardly a tiny baby. But having an 8#15 baby myself... I hardly know what a teeny-tiny newborn feels like. Especially after lugging John around... I say James is little.
Since James was born, I have been asked countless number of times, if I regretted our choice {to not have anymore}, wished/wanted another baby. (And I really don't mind people asking. I really don't.) I usually chuckle to myself thinking.. "4 kids isn't enough for ya?" =) I do not regret our decision to end things. Not for one single second. Yes, holding James I wished it was me having this newborn to hold and admire. For a teeny-tiny second I wanted another. At 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00 (and any time in between) in the morning, I will be very glad that it's her getting up, and not me! =)
I could have kept on having babies. I LOVED, LOVED being pregnant and everything that comes with it. No morning sickness, no troubles, no complications whatsoever. Yet, having babies is more than just being pregnant, giving birth and soaking up that newborn-ness. We had our 4 kids in under 4 years, by our choice {nor do we regret doing it that way}. Our hearts were overflowing and our hands were full with 4 little ones. As much as we loved being parents, we knew we had to stop somewhere. And surprisingly, as much as holding James stirred up those 'I-want-baby' feelings, it also confirmed that I am very settled with our choice.
Besides...being an Aunt is much like being a Grandma !! Love 'em, spoil 'em, send 'em home and let their parents deal with 'em!!!


  1. I loved being pregnant too. Very easy and I felt great. Hope we get to do it again.
    Being an aunt is great too. Like you said, you get to spoil them and then send them home to mom to deal with.
    Maybe that is where grandma's get their practice - when they first are aunts.

  2. I've been enjoying the aunt experience also. And will again in March when I go out to WY to help my SIL when she has #4...it is fun :)

  3. I don't know if a mom EVER loses that yearning, but like you said...you have to stop somewhere. I'll just wait for those grandkids to roll in...they better just not be rolling in for another good 10 years. ;-)

  4. =) So glad you got to meet him before heading down south!!