Friday, January 30, 2009

Carolyn's Story

Dear Carolyn Rose,

I can't believe you are turning 4 years old! I know you can hardly wait, because this is all you've talked about since it turned January! Wasn't it just yesterday you were born? It sure seems like it. You were born 4 years ago, on a Sunday. I'll tell you the story, so you'll always know.

It all started one Sunday morning. I remember it was really cold, or maybe it seemed like it was. For some reason Daddy had to go to the woods, (I think the log truck driver got stuck), so me and Benji stayed home from meeting.

While I was giving Benji a bath that morning, I had my 1st contraction. (I was still 2 weeks away from my due date) It was just a little one, not really noticeable. Shortly after G'ma Linda called. (When you get closer to your due date, EVERYONE calls to check up on you.. just in case) I told her not to go far, because (one) contractions starting. Daddy got home by lunch time. The contractions were still light and spread apart. He wanted to go to G'pa and G'ma after lunch. I really felt like staying at home, because I knew/hoped something was going to happen later. But we went anyways. And I'm glad I did, because it kept my mind focused on something else. We pulled Benji around their yard in a sled.

As the afternoon progressed, so did my contractions. At 2:00 they were 5-10 mins By 3:00 they were uncomfortable, not unbearable but starting to have a 'bite' every 5 min,. Finally around 4:00 I called the hospital, explained what was going on. The nurse calmly told us leave right away.

We left Benji at G'pa & G'ma S, and drove up to the house to get our bags. Looking back I laugh at this part, but at the time I didn't! I can't remember for sure, but I think Daddy quick washed up and shaved by the sink (?) maybe he shaved on the way there. Then we really needed gas, (G'pa T always reminded me to keep the tank FULL) but I'm sure Daddy drove it last ;) By then I was feeling pretty antsy, as my contractions were picking up quite a bit in intensity....wanting Daddy to hurry, and trying to stay calm at the same time.

We got to the hospital around 5:00, then got settled in. Unfortunately I didn't write any more things down, so I don't know the specifics. I believe I was at least 5 cm. I remember telling the midwife, I want to do this natural, so if I ask for anything later on, remind me I said this. I ended up with a completely natural birth. (Your brother's labor was long and tiring, but he was my 1st) So I remember wondering how long this would go on. I was reassured it wouldn't be very long at all. The midwife broke my water maybe around 6-6:30, which really sped things up. Soon I was given the thumbs up, and with Daddy at my side you were born into this world at 7:41 pm; 8#10oz, 20 1/2" with the cutest chubby cheeks, on a plump head!

We never found out if you were a boy or girl. Deep down I secretly was hoping you were a girl. (Maybe because Aunt Heather had your cousin Emily; you'd make a good playmate for her, maybe I was just a selfish Mom, wanting a girl) Yet, Daddy and me wouldn't have cared if you were a boy. We just wanted a healthy, normal baby. After you were born, they placed you on me, and I looked down at you, "it's a girl!" I recall, saying, are you sure? a girl?...I thought since I was greedily wishing for a girl deep down..well, I'd get a boy. There are no words to describe what I felt inside, or what I saw in your Daddy's eyes and face. We again, counted your 10 fingers, 10 toes and looked at your perfect body. We were so blessed. One boy and now we had a girl.. all healthy and beautiful!

Picking out names was a chore. Actually we didn't even have a boys name picked out, or at least one we both agreed on. For a girl we had our favorites; Laura and Kathryn. So when the nurse asked what her name was, I looked at Daddy and said, "Laura Esther?" He looked at you and said, "Carolyn Rose". We never mentioned that name before, but it was perfect.. just the one for you. A little rose bud, waiting to bloom.

And you did bloom. Look at you now! 4 years old! Your our little magpie; because you really don't stop talking. I've never seen a little girl have such good 'lung span' :) But we love to listen to you talk. Now you sound so grown up. You mimic so many things that I/we do and say. Sometimes it scares me, because you pick up on everything! So many times it isn't what you say that's funny, but its how you say it! You are so dramatic with your expressions & gestures! We love how you mother your little sister and brother. You don't always get along with them, but we know you still love them very much. And they all love you very much too. Some days you look/act just like me, and some days you resemble Daddy's side. G'pa Ben says you remind him of his sister, in looks and the way you act, and talk all the time :)

So today is your special day, just for you, our little princess. It was only four short years ago, you first wrapped your little hands around my finger. And still you are wrapped around my heart, and always will be. Even though your party isn't tonight, we still want today to be as special and fun as you are!

Happy 4th Birthday Carolyn.

Hugs & Kisses! I Love You!


  1. That was beautiful. Isn't it bitter sweet looking back...remembering when they were so small, and then realizing how big they've gotten?