Monday, January 19, 2009

It's only Monday..

What a start to the week! I should be doing alot of things besides this, but once I get it out of my system, it'll be better. Yesterday started out okay, besides the fact I hit snooze one to many times, making the morning rush, even more rushed. We made it out the door, all dressed, hair combed in time! Yeah! I had the leave the breakfast dishes sitting right on the table, something that absolutely IRRITATES me! ARGHH.. is it just me? But I DO NOT like walking in the house, seeing the dishes all over the place!!! yuck.

Anyways.. yesterday afternoon Benjamin was suppose to play guitar for awhile, then we were to go to his parents for supper. So after mtg the G'parents took the oldest 3. Shortly after Benjamin left, he called back home, saying G'pa said we should have left John there too, then I could have gone with. So he turned around, we dropped John off, and I got to go with! 2 'alone times' in one weekend.. that's a record! ;) So, in between leaving again... I quickly threw the dishes at least in the sink, so they weren't on the table, and off again I went.

After supper we came back home later, 9ish. Once the kids were in bed I HAD to clean up the kitchen. It's a weird thing I got going.. even if they would have sat ALL night, I WOULD have washed them BEFORE I made breakfast. So, it was mostly my fault I got to bed later (11ish), the kids finally crashed about 10-10:30.

Naturally, just as I was starting to fall asleep John 'kinda' wakes up. "Kinda", because he's still sleeping, but just very, very restless and whiny. His crib is still in our room (something I'm thinking about changing today!). I know Ben's alarm is set for 4:30, so my sleep time is slowly ticking away. Bringing him in bed usually works, but last night, he was still restless. We did sneak in a hour or two PEACEFUL sleep after the alarm, but we, (actually, he awoke quite rested) are looking for a nap. I'm hoping since it was a relatively big weekend, Benji will actually sleep today, and we can all wake up refreshed!

What a lovely, complaining post to read on a Monday morning.. :) Anyways.. I do feel better, still sleepy, but isn't' that a requirement for a Mom to have on a Monday morning!? I do have quite a few things that I'd love to write about. But they'll have to wait until later, much later.

Let me know if you do anything weird, or have a strange habit.. like me having to wash the dishes to start with a clean sink (I have a feeling I'm not alone with this).. just to make me feel better anyways!


  1. Haha...yes, we all have our little quirks, I'm sure! I was just getting picked on the other day because I HAVE to dust if I know someone is coming least the family room where we have darker wooden end tables...I can leave most everything else(like, laundry, dishes, etc) but if the end tables are dusted, I feel much better!;0) I could probably write a whole list, but I don't want to bore anyone with all my weirdness!;0) Hope you have a good day in spite of the lack of sleep...maybe you'll really get that nap later!:0)

  2. My husband has this annoying habit of not pushing the coffee pot back after making is coffee. I suppose if I was a good wife I'd makeit for him....he's always like, whats thie big deal if the coffee pot is pulled out? It ruins my day, that's what. I'm tp the point where I just push it back, but if i'm having a bad day, it will irritate me.