Saturday, January 17, 2009

Flying Solo

Last night we were solo!!
G'pa and G'ma S kept all 4 kids while we ran errands. I got dropped off to get groceries, while he ran his own errands. And yes, I actually like grocery shopping ALONE. It's quicker AND cheaper. Although I wouldn't have minded his company:)

Then, we at supper at Texas Roadhouse. Tanya, Charles & Wyatt met us there. Even though lil Wyatt was there (very well behaved) it was an enjoyable evening for us with none of our kids. Funny thing, we talked alot about the kids! Are we the only ones who do that? We enjoyed a nice steak dinner, adult conversation and laughs from Wyatt!

Now all we have to do is sweet talk the G'parents into keeping all NINE grandkids so ALL us "moms & dads" can enjoy an evening together. We ended up bringing John and Katie back home with us. Benji & Carolyn spent the night at G'pa & G'ma's.

Our evening was loong overdue. Last time we ate out alone, was when I was still pregnant with John (16 mos). We did sneak away for a wedding on Halloween, yes, you read right! As much as we enjoy our time together ALONE, we enjoy all the nights we spend in as a family. We love our kids very much.. we really don't leave them behind for anything. They spend some Fri nites at G'pa & G'ma.. other wise.. they go where we go. (Except when we went to the hospital to have the other kids.)

Anyways, it was a great evening, something I needed very much!
A big Thank You to G'pa and G'ma for helping make it a KID=FREE evening, to Tanya & Charles for the 'extra-conversation', and to my husband for, well, the wonderful evening!!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your night out!

  2. you're not the only ones, we talk about the kids too when we're out on a date.