Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Easily Pleased...

I guess it proves I'm definitely NOT high-maintenance..
when it's something like this that makes me happy...warm, fuzzy slippers (for under $10.00) ! They are like the cherry on top of the ice cream for me. If only they were magic slippers... I could snap my heels together and................
(Another thing that makes me happy; my kids. Lately John has started to actually HUG. He puts his arms around and SQUEEZES your neck and says 'AWWW!' He used to just wrap his arms around your neck and pat your back. Now he hold on so tight, you could let go and he'd hang there)
What little thing(s) make you happy?.... and you can't say your kids! :)

1 comment:

  1. Waaay cute slippers, Heather!

    What little things make me happy? I'm gonna say my kids, because they do. And feeling Charlie move around and wiggle in my belly definitely makes me happy! And I love little surprises from my husband. Flowers, crocs, a magazine, etc. Just little stuff he knows I'd like so he picks it up for me every now and again.