Monday, January 12, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Ah, Monday is almost over. Today wasn't anything unusual. Actually the day has gone by fast, but mostly likely because there was so much to do.

I have a love/hate relationship with firewood. I love it, because it's cheap (especially when your husband's a logger) and it's warm, sometimes extremely hot heat. I hate it, because it involves MUCH more than turning up the thermostat. Like today...splitting wood, throwing it in the basement, stacking it.. then don't need to put wood in the stove to make it warm! With the cold snap rolling in this week, we'll be busy.. feeding the fire! But we'll be toasty warm.
The kids seem to know when we're busy. You know what I mean, right? It was nice to have Daddy home today too! If it wasn't' for him, I'd still be doing firewood :)

As I was stacking wood, I was imagining what it'd be like to NOT have to do firewood :) I then realized someone will always have it better than me, and someone will always have it worse than me. I am grateful for what I do have. Even if firewood is a pain in the butt.. it's heat to warm our family. As the kids gets ready for bed, all snugly in pj's, I'm again thankful for them! I can't imagine life without them (that'll be another post someday). Events of today have left me exhausted, and the house, well, its been 'lived in to the fullest' ;) There are things that should have been done yet tonight, but I have a strong feeling they'll still be there in the morning!

This blog may take some time to really get rolling. I have lots that I'd like to write about, but not ready to let it go 'public'. No, it's not anything bad...I'm getting used of exposing myself, so to speak. (don't worry, I'm saving them to post later) I admire people who speak freely on their blogs. I may have to make this private in order for it to work, time will tell. Anyways...


  1. Hey you! I'm sure splitting and stacking wood...feeding the fire, etc is a pain in the but, but it sure would be nice to have! That's a requirement for our next house...fireplace or wood burning stove. Hope you guys stay warm these next few days. Oh, and I'm very excited to keep hope you keep posting!

  2. Mel, yes, wood heat is very nice to have. It's just not as easy/convinent as 'city heat'..but I get a workout doing it, so an added bonus ;) glad your excited to read this..I often wonder if it makes sense, or if its just a big 'rambling on' ;)

  3. If you're a mom, your blog will make perfect sense!!!

  4. Keep frees you, and gives you something of your own.

  5. I used to help my dad stack wood...kinda miss the wood stove, but not the "remembering to fire up before the fire goes out" part of it cuz I never could get one started and keep it going!!;0) Keep's a nice honest read for the rest of us!:0)