Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's going to be one of those days..

  • This morning everything seemed to be going good....
  • Benjamin is in the truck today, so he got up earlier.
  • Katie & John must have wanted to say good bye to Daddy, because they got up too. Which is okay, because once I get woke up, I'm done. I just 'laze' in bed, making it harder to get going.
  • Benji & Carolyn actually slept in until a little after 8:30!
  • While the kids calmly, happily ate breakfast, I quick vacuumed the living room, then did a quick 'wipe' in the bathroom.. Going good right?!
  • Well, after breakfast I told the kids to get dressed. I had their clothes laying out in the living room, by the warm, toasty air vent (which by the way, the house is nice and warm).
  • Oh, my.... that's when all chaos let loose. Battle of the wills... needless to say mom won again, and the kids had to get dressed.
  • I have 1 boy, who is "not very happy with me" because I NEVER let him go outside and play anymore (the temps are below zero)...
  • Another girl (Katie) is doing everything possible to make her sister very 'angertated', as she puts it.
  • John, is being John.. his little active, mischievous self.
  • Luckily, things have mellowed out.. but I have a feeling we're in for one of those days.. and considering the weather has us banned to the house.. it'll be one of those weeks.. Maybe not.
  • Anyways.. I feel better..and the living room is cleaned, the bathroom just needs the shower/tub cleaned, the floors will wait until naptime (if that ever comes).. and I have laundry started. So I guess I AM getting something done in between playing referee!


  1. Oh, one of THOSE days. I know what you mean...hang in there;0)

  2. Oh, so you're a mean mom, too? Megan was sooo mad at me Sunday morning because I made her stop what she was doing for 2 minutes to get her hair combed. And while I was combing her hair she says "mom, your dress isn't even pretty today"...which was followed a minute later by "your nails are not nice, either". She also had some bold statement later that evening, but it slips my memory right now. Talk about kicking me while I'm down! Good thing we know not to take kids personally!