Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Upstream without a paddle

That's how I feel today! The morning started out good, (except I had a headache). The kids woke up later this morning, maybe 7:45, 8:00. John got up earlier, but I snuggled with him in our bed, and he went back to sleep. The other 3 came charging in as soon as they woke. (Daddy didn't have to haul this morning, so we were "hoping" to sleep in) So for about a half hour we had 6 in our bed. 4 kids and daddy and me! And no, the 4 kids didn't go back to sleep. It was more of a climb-fest on mom and dad.

So our morning was off to a late start. I love to sleep in, but it seems to throw the whole day off : Breakfast at 9:00, then I had to help Benjamin with some papers, the kids didn't get dressed until 10:00, (I managed shortly thereafter), then I cleaned up from breakfast, you get the point. Soon it was time for lunch! I tho't since we ate late, we'd have a late lunch.. not the case!

Anyways.. Carolyn's birthday party is on Friday. So I have a 'few' things to do before then! The kids love bringing all 432 pillows we have out in the living room, along with their blankets. (it's their fort and house) I'm not sure what color carpet we have in the living room! Normally I don't care if the kids make a 'mess' and have fun doing it. But today, it's irritating me, because I'm trying to get ready for the party.

I shouldn't worry too much, because it's only family coming. (and I don't mean that in a bad way, I do want a clean, presentable house for them to come to) The thing is we'll have 17 people here; 9 of them kids (the oldest 6 yrs). So once everyone gets here, it isn't too long and you can't tell what I did during the week :) And no I don't mind the mess, because the kids have a blast playing together, and the 'big kids' have fun too!

We need to get John out of our room (he sleeps in his own crib). I was hoping to get that done this week, but I'm afraid it won't happen. Katie will not sleep in her crib anymore, she's sleeping in the same bed as Carolyn right now. Her crib turns into a toddler/day bed, which we haven't done yet either. (thats on the to-do-list). The kid's clothes need another good picking through.. again! Tax time has started: the joys of being self-employed!

Yes, I am slightly overwhelmed. But I'm making a list of things that HAVE to be done by Friday, like: wrap presents, decorate house, make cake, the absolutely necessary cleaning... and the rest will wait until.. whenever! Tomorrow I have an appt that will take up all afternoon, plus its Wed. Bless my dear Sis-in-law's heart. She is going to watch ALL 4 kids on Wed. AND offered to keep some of them overnight! That will make Thursday so much nicer, since I'm going to tackle the castle cake. Luckily, Carolyn requested taco's for her birthday supper; not too hard ;)

Anyways.. I should get back to reality, but I needed a break. Daddy is working, John is taking a nap, and the other 3.. well lets just say, they are NOT taking a nap..... YET! And yes, if you read our blog for the kids, I've cheated. I wrote all the post last week...and scheduled them for this week :) I know G'pa & G'ma check it every day, and I wanted to have something for them (and you).


  1. Yes, we, both g'pa and I check your blog daily, sometimes more. Keep it up. Love the picture of you and katie. She looks so much like you and even acts like you did when you were that age. Brings back many memories.

  2. glad it's all family...they won't care about the mess.
    Kylie is having tacos too
    I've got it easy this year with the cake...dirt cake.