Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You might be a mom if...

You all have heard the 'redneck' ones.... I want to do one that's more fitting.. So fill in the blank:
You might be a mom if................... (anything goes by the way)
  • you can multi task, while nursing
  • you spend more time picking out your kids clothes, than your own
  • it used to take you an hour to get dressed, now you have done it in under 5 minutes
  • you cut your own sandwich into a shape, then laugh, and eat it anyways

You get the picture yet... let me here your answers, funny, serious, wacky, the obvious, etc. I'm hoping to make a bigger post of this for my other blog (and I'll give credit where credit is due)


  1. You might be a mom if:
    - you can type just as fast one handed as you can two handed.
    - you can spend an entire day cleaning and at the end of the day it looks like nothing has been accomplished.
    - you refer to stomach pain as "my belly hurts real bad"

  2. *you tell your husband that you have to go potty
    *Macaroni & cheese w/hamburger becomes your favorite meal
    *you just laugh and shake your head when your child comes out wearing just his swim trunks and it's the middle of the winter

  3. *you get used to reheating the same cup of coffee 5 times a day.
    *you can recite every word to your kids favorite books.
    *spit-up is your idea of accessorizing.
    *you can change a diaper with your eyes closed.
    *any time you think you smell something nasty you start checking for poop.
    *your idea of a vacation is a twenty minute nap.

  4. I just stumbled on your blog....know I've seen you guys at conv. Had to laugh at the nursing it still multitasking if all I'm doing while nursing is blog surfing?

    -you point out every animal or large piece of equipment you see while driving.
    -you find yourself shopping at stores that can outfit the whole family (no more AE!)
    -privacy feels WEIRD