Friday, January 23, 2009


(I got this from here, I think we're 2nd cousins, our parents are 1st cousins)

Share a memory that you have of you and me. Whether we're long time friends, related, or 'blogger friends', I'd love to hear from you.

If we aren't 'close', maybe share what you first thought of me. (I'm curious)

It may have been just last week or years ago. Make me laugh, smile, maybe cry as we reminisce of the 'good ol days!' together.


  1. Oh Heather...I have many more than just one! Like playing school in your basement...playing 'hotel' because you had the cool play hutch that had a sticker on it that said "Lamplighters Inn" (I think???). Or racing on riding toys (big wheels, the firetruck....) on the sidewalk at our old house.......I could go on and on all day long!!!

  2. Well, I remember feeling included by you a lot eventhough I was younger than all you other girls. I also still have a birthday card you sent me, (our birthday is the same day if I remember that right...) and a very heartfelt letter you wrote that I still appreciate. I don't know if you remember it or not, but it made me feel really good. Thank you for that.

  3. I have SO many memories of you but the one I think of alot was the time we (you, Teresa & I) went to the park by your houses and we played on all the equipment and I got stuck in that weird jungle gym thing. We have pics of us on all the swings, rocky things, etc... Then you and Teresa sat on my car for a picture and dented it!! LOL

  4. Melissa- oh yes! I remember many hours playing downstairs, and outside. I remember when you moved over to your last house, playing in your basement.. school? The times I remember we were probably slightly older than our kids, now we both have kids!! I'd love to line up a time so we're both 'home' at the same time.. maybe this summer?

    Amber- I think our bdays are close, mines the 29,yours the 28?. I can't exactly remember the letter, but glad I wrote it, since it made you feel good! I can't remember when I 'first' met you, but I remember you and Misty spending the weekend at our house. I remember you had beautiful blue eyes, I was jealous of you! ;) I remember you in our bible study after you and Jason were married.. you seemed so young to be married, well, maybe it was just because you were younger than me! :)

    Aleigh bug- LOL! I vividly remember that day! arghh.. how embarassing about the dent! I also remember you getting stuck :) I recall so many good times; friday nights, saturday outings to High cliff, Lisa and Beths cabin, chats about 'boys' :) oh.. so many good times to think about. We need to get a reunion started..get everyone back together!

  5. I was thinking a reunion would be awesome!! We haven't all been together in so long and I would love to see you all again, just like that day in Feb when we all got together for the last Girls photo shoot!!

    I remember all of those memories you included too. So many good memories, for sure!!

  6. I remember a get-together at your house with a bunch of girls...and although I don't remember much about what we did or talked about or whatever, I do remember that you and Jessica both did your best to make me feel included even in all my weird old-ladyishness(or whatever you want to call how I used to be)...and I appreciated that!;0)