Friday, January 16, 2009

I promise not to complain...

Maybe you're lucky to live in a warm climate! If you live anywhere near us, this past week has been frigid cold. When I say cold, I mean 25 degrees BELOW zero! Thats not including the windchill. BRR! I found myself wishing for warmer weather, meaning anything above zero, even snow! I made a promise to myself and now on here, to never complain about the snow again (even though snow makes our driveway impossible at times because its a steep hill).

I also realized that often times I 'complain' about things, when in fact I should be thankful for what they mean. Such as..
  • I should be thankful my husband is gone in the semi all day, because it means he still has a job.
  • I should be thankful for our house payment, as it means we have a place to live.
  • I should be thankful for dishes to wash, for it means we've had a meal to eat.
  • I should be thankful for laundry, because it means we are able to be clothed.
  • I should be thankful for throwing in firewood, because it means we'll be able to heat our home.
  • I should be thankful for all the toys I step on at night, because it means we can afford 'extras' for our children.
  • I should be thankful for the mess in the living room, because it means my children are able to play and run normally.
  • I should be (somewhat) thankful for the extra pouch on my belly, because it means I was able to have 4 beautiful children, naturally.

What are you thankful for, once you look at things in a different light?


  1. Thanks for the reminders of the's so easy to think of it the other way around, but really, you're dead on!

  2. How true!! These are good things to remember!

  3. That was great to read!! I think sometimes we take things for granted too often!!